Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How I Became Daenerys Targaryen

So, I wanted a really cool bad-ass female costume for Hal-Con (our local Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention) this year.  And I love Game of Thrones.  And I love Daenerys Targaryen.  So I decided to become Daenerys Targaryen for Hal-Con this year!

Daenerys wears various and sundry outfits in the show. I wanted to pick something that was A) NOT skimpy and B) Pretty but bad-ass.  The outfit I decided upon was the outfit she wears at the end of season two:

The two outfits above are very similar but I decided to go with the one on the right because I think the leather piece is really cool and I figure if anyone else is going to wear this outfit they would choose the one on the left because it's...well, prettier.

Here are a couple more views of the outfit to show the details:


So, how did I make myself into Daenerys?

I worked from the inside out.  The first layer was the easiest.  I simply went to my local second hand store and bought a tank top and skirt.  I felt the skirt was rather a coup since it has the perfect shape!  I also bought myself some boots which I would need to buy for winter anyway:


From this point onward nothing was easy!

The next layer I created was the overdress.  For this I found a clearance pattern at my local fabric store and found suitable fabric on sale.  Can you believe I took this:

...and created this:

I am very happy with how it finally turned out but don't look too closely!  There are a few areas that I had to "fudge" to make it look right!  But if you're looking that closely, as my friend Kelly always says, you should be buying me dinner!

The next layer I have to thank my husband for making!  Since he has some experience working with leather and I have none, and since I was the one purchasing the leather and he got to keep all the leftovers for future projects I figure we both got a good deal.

To make a pattern we used the "Duct Tape" method...that being me putting on an old shirt and my husband wrapping me in layers of tape, then drawing on the tape where the lines should be for the pattern pieces.  Here is a picture of the pattern with all the pieces numbered before cutting it up:

And Voila!  Here are a couple of photos of the finished leather piece:

Last but not least, was the hair.  I would like to thank my daughter for this part!  To create the look we had to purchase two separate platinum blonde wigs from the Halloween selection at our local costuming shop.  One wig would simply be placed on my head for the long hair look and the other wig was used to create the braids.  We machine sewed the braids on separately and my daughter styled them to finish the look.  It's a little heavy but I think it does the trick!

And finally, here are some photos of me in the finished outfit at Hal-Con!  What a fabulous weekend!


Yes!  I'm wearing dragons on my wrist!
And I can't resist posting this one...had it done at the digital photography booth...so corny but it was so much fun!

What SHALL I make for next year????

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  1. Pretty cool! you missed the little spikes/triangles on the hem of the dress, though.
    Great team work :-)