Friday, September 2, 2016

Mermaid Gets a Makeover!

This post is long overdue but to be completely honest, I was kind of waiting for the whole project to be completed before sharing it.  I don't yet know what happened with it all but here's my part!

Way way back sometime in 2014 or earlier, a Scadian named CellanchDonn MhicanMhadaigh hailing from the Crown Principality of Tir Mara decided to start a group endeavor which she entitled "Land of the Sea Embroidery Project".  Embroidery motifs of different medieval creatures of the sea were to adorn a set of royal encampment linens and decorations.  Each person participating in the project was given a copy of an image from medieval art, some fabric, and instructions on the colours of embroidery thread to use.

So, of course, since mermaids are my "thing", I simply had to do it!

Here is a photo of the mermaid image I was tasked with:

You can imagine my dismay upon receiving this.  This mermaid is wearing a jacket.  A JACKET ladies and lords!  Mermaids have breasts that should be proudly displayed for all to see.  They do NOT wear jackets!  Considering the miserable look on this mermaid's face I think she agrees.

So I redrew this pathetic creature and gave her a makeover...

 She looks MUCH happier and PROUDER now doesn't she?

And here is the final product...happy, loud and proud.  Yes, those are bead nipples on this glorious specimen!  I think her hand gesture is her saying, "How YOU doin'?"

I completed this embroidering project last summer, in 2015 and I haven't seen her since.  I'm hoping she'll turn up somewhere in the future and surprise me with her perky attitude.

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